Our Adoption Auction is going great! Thank you for sharing it on your Facebook pages and blogs as well as bidding on the amazing items.  We are SO BLESSED by your support and kindness! I am thrilled to share with you the newest item donated to our Adoption Auction…. My dear friend, Abbe’ of All […]

B In Real Life Adoption Fundraiser!

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Four months ago we were BLESSED by the adoption of Vivie Kay into our family. While she looks very much like her sister Q, her adoption journey was very different.  With Q’s adoption we had several months to prepare for her arrival. For Vivie’s adoption, we only had a few days. It was a wonderful, […]

Instagram Me Monday!


Holy Moses Baskets, What a crazy week!  And when I say”crazy” I mean…the fact that we are all still alive and I am not confined to a padded room with a spit up stained straight jacket is a bit of a miracle. Thank You Jesus! CeCe has been sick for the past two weeks. Unfortunately, […]

Happy I Love You Day!


Holey Moses!  I miss y’all…there have been so many sweet/hilarious/humbling moments lately…and I have been a putz about posting.  Let’s see how many of those moments I can fit in this post….I don’t want to forget these days with my amazing little Spicy Italian, sweet CeCe, and super duper double precious Vivie. First things first. […]

Instagram Me Monday!


Happy New Year! I am so thankful for 2013 and the surprises it held …holy Moses, do I really have a newborn sleeping next to me as I type this?!  YES I DO!  And I have two four year olds napping…thank you Jesus for four year olds. They are awesome….a bit ornery…but I like four […]