How Blogging (and Jesus) Keeps Me Sober

Maybe that sounds dramatic, that blogging saved my sanity, but I gotta tell you…it’s kinda true.  When the stork came knocking at my door with two babies I had no idea how dramatically my life would change.  I mean I knew there would be some changes, but I had no idea that “some” really meant “pretty much everything that was ever normal in my life…including my hygiene practices” would change.  I wasn’t ready for it (and who really is).

Sure, I love staying home and being with Q and Cece. I wouldn’t give it up for anything…not even if the New Kids On The Block asked me to join them on tour and be their favorite cover girl (can’t resist a little NKOTB shout out…sorry)…but even as tempting as that would be, I would still choose to stay home and read Goodnight Moon 39 times to Q while CeCe uses my big toe as a teether.  I love it…most days.
Back to blogging.  You may have wondered why in the world  I spend so much time writing posts when on most days I don’t even make it into the bathroom to brush my teeth until at least three o’clock in the afternoon.  The reason is really simple. Blogging keeps me sane and sober…which are two requirements of being a member the Good Mom Club.  
As many of you know, being a mom (especially a stay at home mom) can be pretty tedious and exasperating (for the 467th time…stop eating your sister’s knee cap Q!). For me, blogging helps me find the humor and the blessings in my day.  Suddenly Q drinking out of a sippy cup is a lesson about the importance of mothers, CeCe’s 6 month shots are a glimpse into God’s heart for the hurting, and how can I forget how a full nights sleep turned me into a gangsta rapper.  
Maybe I’m not changing the world through this silly, little blog…but this silly little blog has helped me see my world in a brighter, funnier, more profound way.
And I want to say THANK YOU for being such wonderful and encouraging friends.  I know I haven’t met most of you face to face, but your kind comments and e-mails make me so happy!  I look forward to getting to know you better.  
Have a wonderful weekend friend! I’ll see you on Monday with a stellar guest post about Baby Sign Language (how do you say “if you have one more blowout I’m going to loose my mind!” in baby sign?)…find out Monday.
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