Let There Be Light!

You may recall from this post (Hello Beautiful) that I have a thing for lanterns….you could say that I am more than a little bit smitten by their boxy shape and cute little candlestick-ish lights….

Heart be still!!!!

I was super excited to start the Great Lantern Hunt of 2011…fully expecting to find plenty of lovely, lantern options…after all, Pinterest is swimming in lanterns…surely the great city of Wichita would provide me with a few options.


Lowes, Home Depot, Menards…NOPE.  There were a few lanternish looking outdoor lights…but they were just “okay”…not great.

I did find a couple beautiful options at a specialty lighting store, but they were a little over my budget…the lowest price was $700.


Next up…Overstock.com. I love Overstock…I have never been disappointed in anything I have bought from them. The $2.95 flat fee shipping is pretty amazing too, AMAZING!

I should have started my Great Lantern Hunt online because I found this beauty in less than five minutes…

This light has lots a great reviews and it had 4 1/2 stars..woo hoo!!! AND…it looked almost identical to this pretty lady over at Pottery Barn…

$269 (+ $20 shipping) at Pottery Barn…
 $139 (+ $2.99 shipping) at Overstock…

Thanks to super fast shipping and a handy dandy Mr. Baby Daddy…four days later it was hanging above my kitchen table…

I like it a lot! It has glass panes that can be put in, but I think I like it without the glass…Also, it needs to be lowered a bit…but the chain isn’t long enough…Mr. Baby Daddy’s to-do list just got a little bit longer. Sorry babe.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite online store that you go to on a regular basis?  Please share your shopping secrets!!

Next up on the kitchen to do list: countertops…whew!  This has been the hardest decision so far…

Also…don’t forget that you can find all of my home makeover posts if you click on “B Hive” at the top of the page.

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  1. Oh your light looks great in that space!! I love lanterns too and hung one over our kitchen table when we moved last year. I LOVE it. Someday when we renovate our kitchen I hope to get another one and hang them over an island.

  2. Yay! Love the lantern look! Erik put up a ceiling fan over our dining room table and took down my pretty light. I know that he thinks it’s useful during the summer but I will be mmissing it this Christmas and won’t be able to hang any Christmas bulbs from it. :o(

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