From Changing Table to Kitchen Hutch!

Allow me to introduce you to Sad and Lonely Wall…
It’s pretty pathetic isn’t it?
 Especially since it occupies such prime real estate…right off the kitchen, between the Master Bedroom and Laundry Room. It needed a little personality stat!
My mom mentioned that it would be a really good space for a hutch.  A hutch?!   All I could picture was a big ole’, dark, 1980′s monstrosity…
However, thanks to the magic of Pinterest, I soon came across some pretty amazing, updated hutches and I was SOLD!
My mom was once again right, this space was perfect for a (non-1983) hutch.
One day while I was changing CeCe’s diaper, I had a moment of great inspiration. I could use their changing table/dresser to create my own version of The Kitchen Hutch.  Sounds weird I know, but trust me, in my minds eye I could totally picture it!
I have three shelves from Pottery Barn that Mr. Baby Daddy bought me for Christmas 10 years ago.  These shelves have been very versatile  and because they are solid wood, they have weathered the storm of five houses/apartments  in 10 years.

Then I added a few finishing touches…all of which I already owned (except for the EAT letters, I found them at a consignment store for $19)…

  It’s such a happy space now! I think it will be a great area to decorate for different holidays! Just don’t look in the drawers, they are still housing our diapers, pajamas, and 300 pair of toddler flip flops.
 Check out how it looked for Christmas and for’s such a fun space to decorate!
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  1. I love the red table! Where is that from?

  2. Yellow would be an amazing color for the ol changing table there… With the cute red table it would add a nice splash of color to the whiteness of the back wall! Have you looked at annie sloan chalk paint?? OMG!!!

  3. I am OBSESSED with this! LOVE!!

  4. Fabulous! Love it. What a wonderful blend of fun/color/interest.

  5. I just love this! I think it looks great! What a wonderful way to reuse what you already have! Great job.

  6. Oh. My. Gorgeous! I have a dresser that would be perfect for something like this! Great job!

    Jessica @ Mom 4 Real

  7. I love the transformation. Pinned it and FBed it!


  8. This looks so great! I love the pop of color from the EAT letters.

    Thanks for sharing at Show Off Saturday!

  9. Love this. Looks great in you kitchen. IF you get a chance to share link up here:

  10. I love your “hutch.” It really makes that wall pop! Great idea.
    I’m your newest follower and hope you’ll stop by and follow back on GFC.
    Mary Alice

  11. I love yours more than the PB version…because it is light, airy and well put together! Very Nice!
    Stop by for a visit sometime!

  12. You know I am not a huge red fan but wow, does it pop here! Love it! Your little area looks great :)

  13. That is just beautiful, it looks a hundred times better than the pottery barn inspiration. I love the red EAT, it’s perfect.

  14. Wow-this looks amazing-so creative you are! I’m your newest follower from miss mustard seed-stop by for a visit!

  15. Popping over from MMS. Love this!


  16. Anonymous says:

    love it!

  17. That is adorable! It’s your clever accessorizing that really “make” the space. Visiting from FFF.

  18. Loved this so much I featured it on Mod Mix Monday!

  19. Loved this modern hutch so much I featured it on Mod Mix Monday!

  20. What a great hutch alternative! You totally transformed that space!

  21. Toooo cute!

  22. It is lovely, yes.

  23. I agree with Lisa, very cheerful. Thanks so much for joining the “room by room” series.


  24. What a cheerful, fun spot! I love it! A great use of the space!

  25. Great use of space! Fits the spot perfectly. I love the repurpose of the things you already had. You decorated it so cute too!! Bravo =)

  26. I love it too! It looks great!

  27. Love this, especially because you put it together from what you already had! Love the look, visiting from Rene’s.

  28. Absolutely love that! You are right…it’s a happy spot. :)

  29. Oh…I love this and I am usually not a red person. I’d love it if you linked this up at my weekly party – Mod Mix Monday!

  30. That is the perfect spot for that little dresser. It looks so pretty and purposeful there, not neglected real estate any more. The pop of red is very eye catching and I agree that it will be fun to change with the seasons if you desire. Stopping by from Room by Room at Cottage and Vine btw.

  31. it looks perfect with the shelves above it! and the red “eat” letters are so awesome!

  32. BEAUTIFUL! It’s like your new house all of a sudden made you a master decorator. Great use of space. Love it.

  33. WELL DONE!!! That looks amazing, Brooke! I love how clean and fresh it looks. Way to repurpose that changing table. Brilliant, I tell you!

  34. Anonymous says:

    wish I had and IDEA! Need to borrow you and BD. Can ya’ll come for a while and do something with my house? Would watch the Ankle Biters while you do it!!

  35. OH. Mygosh. Your creation looks like a picture right out of a magazine!!! Who ARE you?!? I might have to start addressing you as Martha Stewart (or something more cool when I have more time to come up with it). What you did with that space is awesome!

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