Living Room- Makin’ Progress Baby!

My Living Room….
It has been waiting patiently for us to finish the kitchen renovation so it could get some much needed attention.
I know, it’s truly boring.  Seriously.
But, I LOVE a blank canvas and I could just knew that this little room had loads of potential!  All it needed was a date with Sergio The Painter and a few gallons of Navajo Sand (Glidden Paints) and Alabaster (Sherwin Williams) to start it’s transformation…
I love you paint.
BUT, there was much more to be done…
Last week while Mr. Baby Daddy was out of town I decided to focus on the Living Room. Since most of our kitchen projects are big/overwhelming ones (like our new floors that are going in this weekend!)…a few small, decorating projects sounded fun and refreshing. So, everyday during nap time I got my rear in gear and conquered the living room.
I made curtains. Yes…I made them.
I spray painted this little, black table…
I painted some old mirrors that use to hang in my bedroom…
I spray painted the big black mirror a softer “champagne” color.
And found a home for my favorite chair in all of the universe….
Drum roll please…here is my semi-finished living room.
I really like the soft color pallet…so calm and cozy!
 I LOVE our new space now!  
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  1. i love the overall look in your home, lots of great ideas to inspire me!

  2. Beautiful! My living room is my next major project and your room has inspired me! Thanks for sharing it with us at Inspiration Friday.


  3. I have the same fabric on my living room drapes! Love your room!

  4. The fabric for your drapes is perfect~love it!

  5. I can see why that is your very favorite chair! I love it! Love the fabric you used for your drapes, too. Simple things but they make such a difference and a nice one at that!

  6. Love the curtains you made! Where did you get that beautiful fabric?

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