A Tale Of Two Mirrors

Thank you all for all of your encouraging comments about our newly painted master bedroom…if you have a blog you know how encouraging sweet comments can be!  Gracias muchacha!

And just so we don’t forget just how pitiful our Master Bedroom looked, here it is just three days ago…


I spent the weekend adding a few finishing touches to the room. First up…what to do about my sad and
lonely walls?

Don’t they look sad and lonely?  Poor things! I have been picturing two mismatched mirrors, one hanging above each night stand. The problem with this idea is that mirrors are expensive…and the whole “it doesn’t match, but it kinda does” look is surprisingly difficult to pull together. Grrrr…

…I looked at a couple antique stores, on Craigslist, and online at Overstock (my favorite online “get it cheap” store) with no luck. My mismatched/kinda match mirror dreams seemed to be to good to be true.  …And then I saw a pretty little mirror laying on the floor at TJ Maxx this weekend.  As soon as I spotted the clearance tag I was hopeful that Miss Fancy Pants was in my price range (under $50)…I doubted that she was because she looked so fancy, but I was hopeful…. and lo and behold, Miss Fancy Pants was only $12!… $12!!

My heart seriously started racing when I remembered that I had an old mirror in storage that was similar and scale and comparable in fancy-ness. I couldn’t wait to get home to see if they were a pair made in fancy mirror heaven….

They were!


The size was right, but sadly I had spray painted the once gold mirror black a few years ago. Not one to shy away from a can of spray paint and a tube of Rub N Buff, I tried to capture the same gold patina on Black Beauty that was on Miss. Fancy Pants….

First I used Carmel Latte by Krylon. It’s a soft gold color…

After the spray paint dried I got out my trusty tube of Rub N Buff…have you tried this stuff? It’s AWESOME! It adds an such a pretty sheen and depth…and it’s so easy to use. Easy like…you can’t really screw it up kind of easy.

I have to say…I’m pretty impressed with my handiwork….because I’m really not that crafty…and most definitely not a perfectionist….but lookie what Brookie did!!!

You can see the Rub N Buff in this picture…its on the edges and adds just a bit sheen.

And here is my lonely no longer wall….

Oh…and we also added curtains to the window behind the bed. Our bedroom has such a weird layout. The only wall that would work for our bed was the wall with the big window and window seat. Yes, our bed is covering up an adorable window seat…sniff sniff. What do you think? Do you like the curtains? Or does it look like we are trying to hide something? The curtains look a little wonky…I need to iron them, but our iron is broken. It’s times like this that my Type B personality comes in handy…those curtains will stay wrinkled for years and it won’t bother me a bit. :)

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  1. Great job “Lookie Brookie”. I wrote down the caramel latte…love the color! I don’t think it looks like you are covering anything up. In fact, if you wanted to you can suspend a picture from the ceiling to “float” a picture centered on those lovely curtain panels. Maybe an outdoor scene or a window pane or something really interesting to the eye. Thanks for posting this DIY!
    Jocelyn Davis
    Kilgore Davis Design

  2. What a difference paint makes! Those mirrors are absolutely gorgeous, and I LOVE that they’re mismatched – looks awesome! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Wow–the chocolate paint is such a dramatic difference, isn’t it? The mirrors look great against it. Thanks for linking up :-)

  4. SO gorgeous! i love the gold against the chocolate! i am actually planning something similar for my bedroom with mirrors like that!

  5. Fantastic! It’s so dramatic, I love the curtains and the ‘non-matching’ mirrors too!

  6. totally brill!

    hope you’ll stop by my blog where i’m hosting a great giveaway:



  7. I love the symmetrical look with an asymmetrical aspect of the different mirrors.

  8. OMG…this makeover is amazing and needs to be published somewhere. The room is not only Hot Chocolate…It is “HOT” period. What you did with the mirrors was perfect. You truly outdid yourself. Thank you for this wonderful post! I would love it if you would share this at our What’s It Wednesday blog party. Hope to see you there.


  9. Great job with the mirrors~I have repainted many myself and it is always exciting to see the final outcome. They look great in your bedroom!

  10. Love the mirrors. Great job with your “sort of” matching. Rub & Buff looks great. Never used it but I am going to have to give it a try sometime. Love your choice of paint colors too. I have never painted a room that dark but if I was going to it would be a bedroom. The darker my bedroom at night the better I sleep.

  11. Hi, I just found you. I love you bedroom makeover… WOW. I think the curtains behind the bed look fabulous, and are the perfect solution. And the mirrors are crazy pretty with the rub and buff. I’m sooo trying that stuff! Love the dark walls to…


  12. love both mirrors!

  13. nice paint color! Ours is similar but not quite as dark. :)

  14. Those mirrors look amazing! I love how you have two different ones. :) ~ Megan

  15. Those look great! You are being so creative and resourceful! And I like the curtain…It ties in with your headboard and bedding…much more attractive than the blinds.

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