Kitchen Reveal!

Five months.
That is how long we have been working on our kitchen renovation.
Five months of demolition, painting, floor laying, back splash installing, cheap appliance hunting, while trying not to loose my mommy marbles with two two-year-olds (!!!), renovating.
Whew!  I need a nap…no I need a medically induced, three day long coma!
Lets just get to it shall we?
Before (Warning…snoring may ensue)

I don’t know what I disliked the most…

*The builder grade cabinets? BORING!
*The carpet/linoleum combination? Just say NO to carpet in your dinning/kitchen area!
*The awkwardly placed, two tiered island? The diagonal placement was WEIRD!

It was as if the builder made it his personal mission to install the most BLAH kitchen this side of the Mississippi.

Congrats Mr. Builder, you succeeded. SNORE. Grrrr…

NOW, allow me to introduce you to my Classic/Rustic/Casual Kitchen…

I won’t lie, there were some not-so-fun moments in the renovation (i.e. the backsplash nightmare), but all the super exciting moments (like the banister makeover) made all of the hard work TOTALLY worth it!
I owe Mr. Baby Daddy a great big hug (and possibly a steak dinner) for all of the work he did.  Thanks MBD!
For specific information regarding the renovation, make sure you visit the B’s House Tour page as well as The Kitchen Renovation Q & A posts:  Q & A Part 1 and Q & A Part 2.
And just because I am a bit indecisive, we changed the light fixture above the kitchen table. Check out the Light Fixture Switcheroo HERE.
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  1. So glad you linked up!!!
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  2. WOW, that looks amazing. Love the white cabinets against the dark wood floors.
    We are running a Before and After Link party to support Habitat for Humanity, with a chance to be featured on other big blogs and win gift cards. Would love if you entered!

  3. Looks fabulous!

    Love that little hand towel.

    Following you now!
    @ Creatively Living

  4. Seriously amazing kitchen transformation! I love the touch of the red table. (And the lighting fixture above it.) I’m now off to look at your home tour.

    Wonderful job!

  5. Seriously amazing kitchen transformation! I love the touch of the red table. (And the lighting fixture above it.) I’m now off to look at your home tour.

    Wonderful job!

  6. wow! your kitchen is gorgous! love how you had the vision to make it happen.

  7. I just came over from Better After but I think I need to subscribe to your blog now too. We may be operating the same design brain in two different countries.

    This is a picture of my kitchen (a little more “lived in” at the moment than your gorgeous pics) and I was kinda blown away by yours too. Can’t imagine why! :-)

    Congratulations on the beautiful reno, especially with wee ones underfoot. You deserve a medal. Or at least a nap!

  8. Here from Better After ~ LOVE it. :)

  9. Love your kitchen- it came out amazing! Sharing at the party tonight- thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  10. OH, I love your kitchen! I have Shaker white cabinets on the brain for my new kitchen & I love to see other renovations. You did a fantastic job on yours!!

  11. Hi, popping over from DIY Show Off. I must say your kitchen is gorgeous. Hard to believe this is the same kitchen. I’m doing my kitchen using that same subway tile. I love it!

  12. Wow! Beautiful- I love your style. We will be doing a kitchen redo soon…I can only hope it turns out as good as yours. I’ll be pinning yours to my “Kitchen Inspiration” board:)!

  13. I featured your fabulous kitchen today at Mod Mix Monday! Love it sooooo much.

  14. I literally gasped! that is amazing!!! I’m in love!!!

  15. Gorgeous! Anything but boring now!

  16. Wowzer! It looks great!

  17. This is a great transformation! You had a great eye for which items to redo to make this a really amazing space. Thanks for linking up @ the Delectable Home!

  18. Well, I was just able to pick my chin off the floor and wipe the drool away! This is nothing short of amazing and the best transformation that I have ever seen with the existing cabinets. Outstanding.

  19. Such satisfaction to be had in a job well done

  20. Get out!!! Is that really the same house!?!?! Super fabulous job!! Take THAT Mr. Boring Builder :)

  21. Beautiful kitchen. You did an amazing job! I’m a new follower.

  22. OMG!! What a difference. Doesn’t even look like the same kitchen. Congrats on your new kitchen. It looks awesome.

  23. gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! i love the 2 different granites, and that faucet. we bought one that looks like it at a store that was selling off all its fixtures. we’re not yet conquering the kitchen, but it was at a price that we couldn’t not get it.

  24. What a gorgeous kitchen! I love your style and am amazed that it is the same space! You must be so excited every time you walk in there!

  25. Simply gorgeous! Amazing transformation!

  26. Seriously, builders need an intervention with their hideous choices!

    Your new kitchen is amazing! I love white kitchens and subway tile and your lights are fabulous!


  27. Beautiful kitchen! You are fortunate to have had such a blank canvas to work with.

  28. Awesome transformation! I love the white cabinets. I refaced mine and painted them white last year, but still have more to do on the kitchen before my reveal. Your’s turned out beautiful!

    Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  29. WHAT. A. FABULOUS. KITCHEN. I love it!!!! What a great transformation!

  30. Your kitchen looks amazing!! Beautiful job!!!

  31. Wow!! This is seriously amazing! You have a great sense of style! I’m always so in awe of people like you! If I attempted that it would look so pieced together and like big jumbled mess, but this is just stunning! It’s flawless and those pops of red are perfection! Great job!

  32. I do not even know where to begin other than to just simply say it is magnificent! Sharing this on my 504Main facebook page!

  33. Absolutely AWESOME! Kudos to you! You should be so proud!!! I would love for you to check out our DIY Kitchen makeover as well! We did ours in black and white. Let me know what you think!


  34. What a beutiful kitchen you have now.

    Hugs from Sweden

  35. It’s beautiful!! There are a lot of great kitchen renovations around blogland, but this is the most dramatic difference I’ve ever seen! Great job!

  36. wow! i absolutely love it – this is a STUNNING transformation. I have a dresser just like your white one that is now pleading to be painted. Good thing painting weather is starting to appear! c’mon by for a visit anytime!

  37. It is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  38. One word…BEAUTIFUL! Your kitchen looks amazing – all of your hard work and style has paid off. Great job..thanks for sharing!

  39. wow what an amazing transformation! I hate to admit it but your “before” picture looks kind of similar to our kitchen. Builder Grade all the way :(
    I am always looking at kitchens to try to get some ideas to make changes…thanks for sharing your beautiful update!

  40. That’s such an amazing transformation! Love it all and those pops of red are perfect.

    And love the beefed up crown moulding on top of the cabinets …



  41. Anonymous says:

    Love your Pendant Lights over the island. Where did you find them????

  42. This post had me at hello. Seriously, your kitchen is the bomb-diggity!! I love everything about it. I’m a new follower too. Hope you stop by for a visit sometime.

  43. Love what you’ve done. It looks fantastic. Love the pendant lights and subway tile. Thanks for sharing.

  44. WOW …this is inspiring! VERY,VERY nice!

  45. Just found you over at WOW and this transformation is a WOW for sure!! I LOVE it all!! I’m your newest follower:)

  46. You got CHOPS girl! Love the makeover and I’m following you now.

  47. WOW GORGEOUS!!! you can come and do mine anytime!

  48. Love your kitchen! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday at Very Merry Vintage Style last week–this post will be featured on tonight’s post! The post will go live at 4pm CST; stop by and pick up a “I’ve been featured” button!” Hope you’ll be back often to link up. Have a great day–

  49. This is fabulous, awesome transformation! Thanks for linking up, it will be featured tomorrow :)

  50. WOW!
    Beautiful :)
    … Awesome transformation!!

    Greetings from Australia♥

  51. You must be SO thrilled with your beautiful kitchen! I’m your newest follower, I’d love if you followed and linked up to my little party:

    Hope to see you there!

  52. WOW! You clearly deserve the “best kitchen reno” award. I love how light it is now.

  53. This is so inspiring. I’m going to finally get my cabs done during my spring break at the end of March this year. I am so excited! I’m going to have to come back here and see more of your follow-up and photos! A new follower, A

  54. AWESOME transformation. I love your lovely white cabinets and back splash! I’m in love :)

  55. Oh my goodness that is one amazing transformation! I know you just linked this up to the RRR party for March 2nd, but you HAVE to link it up again for March 16th so everyone has a good chance to gawk over how amazing it is!

  56. What an amazing transformation! I love your sink and back spalsh, your red table and the little nook with the white cabinet and EAT sign. Oh and your floors are amazing! I look forward to hearing about the details! I’m sure you are enjoying your new space-congrats.

  57. I love it. Have to say my favorite is the subway tile and black granite combination. Very classy without being boring. Great job!

  58. What was the total cost? We are redoing ours, and I had to get new cabinets, and you didn’t, so I’m wondering what you were able to spend that I cannot. Everything is so expensive!!! So far, electrical estimate seems to be our most expensive thing other than the cabinets.

  59. The only thing I can say is WOW! What an AMAZING difference. I had to keep going back to the old photo because I couldn’t believe it!

  60. Oh my goodness! What an amazing transformation! Your kitchen looks stunning.

  61. I am featuring you tomorrow during Sticker Time. Come visit and feel free to button up!

  62. Oh my goodness! That is quite the change! It looks amazing! You sure have a nice sense of style! I love the bright white and the red accents. Beautiful!

  63. Wow! Wow! WOW! What a difference! I have to keep comparing the new photos to the old kitchen. You did an amazingly fantastic job. Really, really nice! (Can you tell I really like your new kitchen?) I’m your newest follower! Congrats on a job well done!

  64. GORGEOUS makeover!! love it all! xo

  65. It all amazing…so glad I stumbled upon your blog. Great job…we recently painted our kitchen cabinets…come on over for a visit to take a peek…enjoy your new beautiful space!!..nice to meet you…going back to follow along..Mariaelena

  66. Wowzers. That is all.

  67. We are redoing our kitchen right now. The elements are very similar to your redo. White cabinets, sunway tile, we are doing black laminate, and butcher block on the island. I just got my faucet in the mail today and I’m almost positive it is the same one as yours! I got it on Overstock for 129.00.

  68. We are redoing our kitchen right now. The elements are very similar to your redo. White cabinets, sunway tile, we are doing black laminate, and butcher block on the island. I just got my faucet in the mail today and I’m almost positive it is the same one as yours! I got it on Overstock for 129.00.

  69. Oh my word!!! This is absolutely incredible!! Give yourself a huge pat on the back and hug!! Looks amazing! Bonnie ;)

  70. You did such a great job! I shared your kitchen over at my Facebook page!

  71. Gorgeous transformation! Love your kitchen


  73. oh my gosh I love your new kitchen! I just pinned this. Hoping to makeover our kitchen someday! I would love for you to come share at my linky party!

  74. Love the pendant lights! Where did you find them?

  75. I love the pendant lights! What was your source?

  76. Hello,
    I clicked over from “Your Whims Wednesday” link up party hosted by Rebecca. Your kitchen makeover is awesome. Nice Job!
    Smiles, Paula

  77. I LOVE your kitchen re-do! Sooo jealous! It looks amazing!

  78. I love it. Great transformation and I am sure you love it. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  79. gorgeous!!!
    funny – I started reading the post and at the first picture said to myself – “ewww – what a horrible angle that bench is on”!!!
    great makeover.
    cheryl xox.

  80. Sorry to use the same adjective as everyone else BUT that is AMAZING!!! Your use of red and the accessories are just perfect in your space. Job well done!!!

  81. Um, is this the same kitchen ?! WOW, your transformation is amazing !! I love everything about it … love the shelves, too. Fabulous job! *Becca* (new follower by way of Tuesday’s Treasures)



  83. What an amazing kitchen you have now. I love it. Megan

  84. “It was as if the builder made it his personal mission to install the most BLAH kitchen this side of the Mississippi. Congrats Mr. Builder, you succeeded.”

    ~Love this! You could be describing my kitchen. You are my new hero!


  85. It’s beautiful. You and Jer did a great job- not that I am surprised. :) Where did you get the clock on the top shelf? Hob-Lob?

  86. That really is amazing, Brooke! Way to have vision for that aesthetically awful, builder-grade space!

  87. Love it! It doesn’t even look like the same kitchen. Love the counter tops. Great work!

  88. Anonymous says:

    AMAZING! I can’t believe it’s the same kitchen! It gives me hope for my kitchen. What color is your island?

  89. Anonymous says:

    what color are your walls? great neutral contrast to the white cabinets! looks great B!

  90. Brooke, seriously how is that the same kitchen?!?! Oh my earthly goodness what a transformation! :) LOVE it!

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