Our Pet’s Heads Are Falling Off…

Do you remember this scene in Dumb and Dumber?
“We’ve got no food, we’ve got no jobs…OUR PET’S HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!”
This scene has been playing over and over in mind for the past couple weeks.  Between our dog Theology’s mystery illness that is causing her to drink 156 gallons of water per day, Q’s tonsil and adenoid surgery, and  CeCe’s mysterious hair loss…I have totally been quoting this silly Dumb and Dumber line over and over and over. How is that for a peek into how I deal with stress…? Maybe I should find a more mature way to deal with stress instead of quoting Jim Carey all day long. 
So here is the CeCe scoop…A couple months ago she had a full head of silky hair…
Easter 2012

And now….

It’s not so full and silky…

WEIRD Right?!  Feel free to insert the D&D quote now (…our pet’s heads are falling off!).
Yesterday she had her thyroid checked (which can cause hair loss) and it was normal. Whew!  
There are several different reasons for hair loss in children and we are trying to get down to the bottom of it. One cause is called Telogen Effluvium. Which can occur after a child has a high fever or significant stress event.  CeCe had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease a couple months ago and spiked a 104 degree fever….it’s highly possible that the high fever is the cause for her hair loss since I haven’t seen her pulling it out compulsively like some children do as a nervous habit.

She does have some significant allergy promlems too and I am wondering if they have anything to do with it…?  Does this ring a bell with anyone?  If you are reading this and happen to be a Pediatric Allergist who specializes in hair loss in adorable children let me know what you think.  The check’s in the mail. :)

So, now that we have Q all squared away with her tonsilectomy (which she recovered amazingly from…and has only had to take over-the-counter tylenol), it’s time to figure out the mystery of CeCe!  

Any thoughts?
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  2. Anonymous says:

    Alopecia is a possible diagnosis for CeCe, not great but manageable. Cushings is likely for the dog. Mine has it and (expensive) tests were inconclusive about location of tumor, so we tried the Meds. They made her very sick so we stopped. For her, she will have a shortened life span but better quality of life without treatment. Good luck with all, and I pray the simplest and most treatable explanations are found for both. ~Anna

  3. Anonymous says:


    Man it was easier when the topic was diaper rash! I am praying for you!

  4. I like it that you quote dumb and dumber in stressful situations. Mock . . . ing. . . bird. . . yah. . . It’s the highly inteligent banter from quality shows like that that truly bonds our generation . . . or something. i haven’t seen in it in a long time but this makes me want to watch it soon! so sorry for all of your sickies. almost forgot to say that. got so carried away by the boys.

  5. It took us quite a while to get our dog’s Cushing’s diagnosis–she tested negative a few times, and if you treat a dog who DOESN’T have it…it can be deadly. Do know that IF you get a diagnosis of Cushing’s, it’s NOT a death sentence! I did a lot of research and found some great resources (including a wonderful Cushing’s message board) when we were dealing with it…if you end up needing info, PLEASE let me know. Once our Mocha-girl started on the meds and got stabilized, she was like a young dog again (she was 10 or 11 when we got a positive diagnosis).

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  7. I’ll pray for your family. I wish you guys could just get a break from all this craziness. Love ya!

  8. My parents’ dog has Cushings & increased thirst was a symptom… it was also tricky to diagnose. I have no idea about CeCe – I’m sorry!

    • we have had her tested for Cushings and YES…it’s tricky to diagnose. Her first ($300) test was inconclusive and we are doing another one next week. :(

  9. I don’t know anything about your dog, but increased thirst/water consumption can be a sign of Cushings’ disease. We had a Lab that had Cushings’–it can be tricky to diagnose, but in hindsight increased thirst was there. Good luck–wouldn’t it be so much easier if they could tell us what’s wrong with them or how they feel?!?

  10. Anonymous says:

    as for Theology my daycare ladies dog had an increase in water intake & then started losing his hair & it was rapid diabetes. It was unmanageable by the time they figured it out. just fyi.

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