Instagram Me Monday!

Happy Monday!  I’m ready to get my Instagram Party on!  
Here is my week according to Instagram…
Sinus Coblation. It didn’t end well. Bones were cracked. I was awake. 
A few hours later. hello black eyes. 
CeCe pick me a “feel better pweese” flower. :)
I don’t really remember Tuesday. I think I took some Loratab and slept all day. 
Quincy is prego. sorry about the breech…that’s gonna hurt!
CeCe and MY old baby doll.  
I tried to cook a healthy dinner. Turned out the squash was actually a cucumber. FAIL 

Plan B. Breakfast for dinner! 
(I had babysitters in the morning!)
Garage Sale find: $2 lamp for CeCe’s room!

Trip to The Cottage Collective!!
DATE NIGHT with Mr. Baby Daddy!!!

Okay…that was really fun to put together…it’s like the lazy person’s version of journaling. :)

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  1. i hope to join you soon!

  2. This week was so insane I took ZERO (or maybe one instagram photo). I will join in next week, cuz I am hitting the road so there will be plenty to snap a photo of.

    The cucumber/zucchini mix up cracked me up – I always find myself asking that same question…and at my grocery store the organic cucumbers and zucchini are right next to each other so they are all mixed up!

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