3 Day Potty Training: I’m a Believer! {Discount Code!}

Ready for the potty training scoop?  
We have been 100% diaper free for six days and LIFE IS GOOD!  I can’t believe how well Q and CeCe made the transition! We have only had a few accidents sine we ended the 3DPTM (3 Day Potty Training Method) and each of those accidents were because we didn’t get to the toilet in time, not because they didn’t recognize that they needed to go.  (!!!)
Q has even gone to the potty all by herself without even telling me she needed to go.  It was an amazing mommy moment to hear that toilet flush and see her run into the kitchen waving her Elmo panties above her head and yelling “Mom I totally pee pee’d…where is my cookie?!” (!!!!)
If you are going to use the 3 Day Potty Training method, Here are a few tips (I’m sure these would be helpful for any type of potty training method) from someone who just got off the front lines and came out dry and happy!

1. Stay POSTIVE!
{like annoyingly positive…}

Never scold your child if they have an accident. You want them to associate going potty with praise, not shame. We made up a few fun songs and saying to keep things light hearted and fun.  My favorite was watching Mr. Baby Daddy turn into a cheerleader and chant ”Diapers Boo! Panties Woo! Diapers Boo! Panties Woo!”  EPIC. :)This positivity has rubbed off onto the girls too.  It makes my mommy heart happy to hear them tell each other “good job!” after going on the toilet. :)

2. Be prepared!
{remember, you probably aren’t leaving the house for 3 days…}

Have LOTS of activities planed to do with your kiddo during those three days. I scoured Pinterest and Julie’s blog (she is awesome) to find a couple new activities.
Here are a few activities that were a hit with Q and CeCe:
Shaving Cream Paint
Vinegar and Baking Soda:
Sidewalk Paint
3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
I don’t know about you, but I can loose my mommy cool very QUICKLY.  Because of the need to be positive at ALL times (did I mention how vital this is to potty training bliss?), I needed to have a plan for those frustrating moments.
Thankfully, Mr. Baby Daddy was home and if I needed a “time out” he was able to be on Ankle Biter Potty Patrol for a few minutes while I simmered down.
If you don’t have a Mr. Baby Daddy handy, I would recommend…

 I could give you the cliff notes version of the book, but there is SO MUCH more great information in the book. We consulted the book several times during those three days and took advantage of being able to correspond with the author via e-mail about a couple Ankle Biter specific issues.
And just in case you are wondering…I am not being paid to say this. :)
UPDATE: The author is giving all of my readers a 10% discount on your order!  
Just enter “REALLIFE” as the coupon code. It probably goes without saying that I totally recommend this method.
Yes, the first day was intense, but day two and three were much more easy going.  And I would go so far as to say that overall it was a great experience!  We had fun as a family and gave the girls SO much positive attention…how could that possibly be bad?! Mr. Baby Daddy said to me on Day Three…“I’m so proud of the girls! It’s so much fun to see them be successful!”  He was right.  It is really wonderful to see them succeed!  Because so many of my days are filled with disciplining those two little cuties, it is REALLY refreshing to see them kick potty training’s booty! :)

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