Ankle Biter Anecdotes

Friends, I have almost made it.  
In 24 hours I will have survived the terrible twos times two.
Holy Moses baskets!
I don’t even know what to say about this milestone other than….



Goodbye Twos!



I Need a Nap, like now.

Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weary my house.  Instead there is climbing, and giggles,and tattling, and pooping, and tickling, and of course the occasional tantrum.

But, most of all there is JOY!  Lots and lots of JOY!

Here are two videos I captured this week that give you a pretty good peak into life with Q and CeCe.

This video was taken after I found CeCe hiding in her closet after nap time. She was hiding because she had pooped right in the middle of her bedroom floor and used the poo to finger paint her crib and walls.  Q and Baby Pirate took a bit too much interest in CeCe’s situation.

The next video was taken when I took CeCe on a date to My Gym. She’s crazy brave!

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  1. that is EXACTLY what C did!!! LOL…not to laugh…bc i was NOT laughing and I am sure you weren’t either!!

  2. Oh my word, you crack me up!! The car wash video had me in tears. Poor Q doesn’t know if sheshould laugh or cry and then when you said, “This one looks like a big monster,” I about wet my pants. :D Love you so much!!

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