Instagram Me Monday!

We Wichitans woke-up to 12 degree temperatures this morning.


 Here are some cute Ankle Biter pictures to warm your heart…

CeCe celebrated her third birthday at preschool on Friday…

She got to take her favorite toy. She choose her Easter Basket. Silly girl!

Nana Claus made an appearance…she was VERY well received. ..

I took her on a birthday date to My Gym…she LOVES that place!

And then we went to Target and had a little dance party when we saw Pepperidge Farm’s new packaging.  I LOVE that brands are starting to boldly advertise natural food dyes! It means they are starting to get the hint that us mommas aren’t happy with Jet Fuel colored fishies!!

Talk about a great hug!

Prepare yourself  to melt a little bit…

It was a good week!  Full of celebrating our sweet CeCe and saying buh bye to the the terrible twos times two!


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  1. What wonderful pics, you are such a great mom- my daughter has an almost 3 year old and a 5 day old baby and i was telling her about your dye free posts, her son seems fine, but do kids ever really need all of these chemicals, her friend is a nutritionist and told her how bad fondant icing is for kids-super sugar rush-things are just so different than 33 years ago when I had my daughter, snacks were apples, grapes,popcorn or cheese-no Mcdonalds, chips,gummy bears, fruit snacks,etc-they never drank sodas, it was not an issue, even when they played at other kids houses-I was not even strict about food and I have to say all 4 are all grownup, slim and trim as they were in highschool-I’m the only one, even my husband is in great shape,that could lose a few pounds! lol

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