Bring It, Q!

Who’s excited for the snow?! If Mr. Baby Daddy wasn’t out of out of town I would be jumping for joy, instead I am choosing to focus on the possible bowl of snow ice cream instead of the inevitable climbing of the walls by my steroid amped CeCe and easily bored Q.


Speaking of Q, did you know that the powers that be have named this lovely little flurry, Winter Storm Q?  If only she knew how cool it was to have a storm named after her, especially for drought ridden Kansas.   Well done Q!

In honor of Winter Storm Q, I have a new SUPER awesome video of the little Italian.

Some background info: We gave her some pink “cow boots” for Valentine’s day and Poppa White and Gramma Blue sent her a new dress.    The first thing she said after putting on her new dress and cow boots was “Mom, I look like a rock star!”  and then she broke out in song…

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! This looks like something I totally would have done at her age! How adorable!!

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