Instagram Me Monday

Has it already been a week?


This past week whizzed by, which is why I LOVE Instagram Me Monday.   Since I don’t journal or scrapbook or anything crafty, it’s my way of recording our day to day happening and remember the special little moments that I am told I will one day miss.

So, here ya go…my week according to Instagram:


My morning ritual of breakfast while waiting in the preschool line.  Oikos Key Lime Yogurt is the only yogurt that doesn’t make me want to die. I really don’t like yogurt, but the Key Lime flavor is just sour enough that you don’t taste the gag-a-maggot soured milk bitterness that just doesn’t quite work with Banana Cream Pie and Peaches and Cream flavors.   Was that too much taste bud info?


The girls have been hard at work decorating their Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates.


I love my little lefty!  And look at that sunshine, she’s a genius child!



Play-Doh is one of my favorite Ankle Biter activities because I am obviously very skilled in the craft of dough shaping. And in case you were wondering if Q’s name was Queeny or Quin or Quinny…now you know. :)


So, a year ago I made the girls a sensory tub filled with dried beans.  I had grand plans of swapping out the little accessories according to the month/holiday.  You can imagine my excitement when February rolled around again and I could open the tub without feeling like a Type B underachiever who hadn’t swapped anything out since last February.  Yep, those pink feathers are a year old.  Kinda gross right? Oh well.


It was “P” week at preschool.  Q has been waiting all year to take Baby Pirate to show and tell. We even got her a purple dress for the occasion!  Oh…and they were suppose to wear purple so you know they had to wear their K-State cheerleading uniforms!


Nice right?  On Friday I had my monthly meeting with Dave Ramsey in my bank lobby.  It takes me almost an hour to get all of our cash situated and into it’s assigned envelopes, but I gotta tell you…Ramsey’s Financial Peace University has been one of the most impactful things we have done in our ten years of marriage. If you are a Ramsey groupie you are totally nodding your head an emphatic yes right now.


Thank you Katie for introducing me to the Pioneer Woman’s Creamy Pesto Pasta.  My cholesterol level may not be happy about the cream and butter, but it can get over it for one meal a month right? Why is my left arm tingling? Weird.


What do you do with two three year olds who are climbing the walls out of boredom?  If you are cheap…I mean thrifty like us, you walk around Cabelas for an hour and call it the “New Zoo”…



And then realize that it wasn’t such a great idea when CeCe starts talking  later that night about how she is scared of “the lions who ate the monkeys and turned into BIG polar bears and came to our house and took it away and we had to sleep outside because of those scary polar bears with the big teeth took our house away and that just wasn’t very nice!”


I’m sure this coming week will be filled with many more  polar bear hunting, Lipitor taking, Baby Pirate playing memories.  One can only hope.


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