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Hi there!

I’m Brooke, or better known as…

“that girl who had two babies in four months and lived to blog about it!”  

Yes, you read that right.  Two babies. Four Months. I know. I’m still a little shell shocked myself.

You can read more about that whole situation on the B’s Story page.  But, first let me tell you a little bit about me and why you should hang around here more often. Okay?  Gracias!

As I mentioned before, I am the very blessed/exhausted mom of Q and CeCe.  I often refer to them as the Ankle Biters, which is truck driver lingo for “super adorable little kids…” Seriously.

 This parenting thing is pretty overwhelming for me, so if you are hoping to read “How-To Tame a Tantrum”  types of  posts or find “10 Tips for Raising Perfect Little Children”, you might want to look elsewhere.   I openly share both my struggles and my victories as a stay-at-home mom to two toddlers.  Some days I wish I could just fake it and act like I know what I am doing, but I’m pretty sure that God left the “fake it till you make it” gene out of my DNA.

One thing that He did give me is a sense of humor, and boy am I thankful that He did!  If I wasn’t able laugh at the day in/day out  drama of raising two tantrum throwing toddlers, I would most certainly be certifiably nuts. Seriously.  So, I’d like to give props to God for knowing that the gift of being able to laugh at myself would be paramount to my emotional health.  Well done Big Man!


When I’m not wiping poop off the walls or playing the frequent roll of Time Out Cop, you will find me plotting our next house project.

We moved into our home this past October (2011) and have been in renovation mode since ever since.  We tackled our kitchen first.  It took us 5 months of serious DIY elbow grease, but we ended up with a kitchen that is functional, fabulous, and the best part, affordable.  I have been honored to have our kitchen renovation featured on several different blogs and web-sites, including: Apartment Therapy, Southern Hospitality, and The Inspired Room.

Much to my husband’s dismay, the kitchen renovation was just the beginning.  Our master bedroom and living room have also made some pretty dramatic changes.  Next up, Q and CeCe’s big girl rooms.

You can see our house renovation on the House Tour page.


I truly do hope that you will come back and visit regularly.  I have been blessed by many new friendships because of this blog and I would be oh-so-lucky to have you as one of those friends.

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