Bye Bye Food Dye Series

 Hyperactive? Impulsive? Aggressive?

Sound familiar?

 It is possible that your child’s behavior issues could be caused by the colorful cereal he had for breakfast or the mac & cheese she had for lunch.  Find out what science and other smart parents have to say about the affects food dyes can have on our children.


Day One: Q’s Colorful Story

Day Two: Is Your Child Dye Sensitive?

Day Three: Dye-Free Foods

Day Four: Science and Why Europe is Awesome

Day Five: FAQ



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  1. My daughter pees uncontrollably and is cranky and ill for 4 days after she has red and (I think) yellow dye. It has made such a huge difference to her to cut this junk out! She has a test patch from the allergy doctor on her back this week, and it is reacting. Hmmm.

  2. loved reading your story! I very much relate, we just removed food dyes in the last few weeks and OH what a difference in our son who has very severe SPD and is soon to be evaluated for Autism! AMAZING difference in the number of meltdowns he has~!

  3. What can we do to get food dyes removed from children’s medications? I have searched high and low for medicines without food dye and can not find them anywhere. Even the adult versions have food dyes. I thought once we left liquids behind we wouldn’t have as hard a time, but food dyes are everywhere!

    • Anonymous says:

      Beth try CVS brands…they make dye free Motrin and benadryl type meds. I’ve used them for years for my six year old who has a red dye 40 allergy

    • Anonymous says:

      The Target Up&Up brand is dye free as well.

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  5. I too noticed a difference in just 1 day after we went dye-free. Then, a couple of days later, I let my daughter eat a popsicle that was supposed to be all natural, but of course was purple so had a bit of colour, and I completely noticed a difference. I thought perhaps it was just red dye, but now realize it is likely all dyes. So, we are on the path to completely dye-free.

    Question: what do you do about birthday parties? I feel bad if my daughter cannot join in on eating the cake with her friends, so have asked the moms (for upcoming birthdays) to limit it to a small piece – with no red food dye. I am hoping it will be okay.

  6. This has already changed my line of thinking. I can’t wait to read the next few articles! I’m really anxious to educate myself on dye-free foods. I have so many times passed up colorful goldfish that my children were begging for, thinking how bad those must be since they dyed them to make them attractive. I think I have a lot to learn and I’m ready!

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