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What to do in the garden in January | Thompson & …

Keep on top of pruning, tidying & planting jobs to get your garden ready for spring. Now is also a great time to plan your garden & order plants & seeds€¦

Read our RHS monthly gardening tips & advice – January

January might be the middle of winter but as the days lengthen the garden starts to grow. Now is a great time to plan for the coming gardening year and to order seeds and plants. Enjoy the fresh air, on dry sunny days, and check your winter protection, stakes, ties and supports are still working after any severe weather.

In Your Garden January – Suttons Gardening Grow How

The Suttons Seeds guide to what to do in your garden in January, Monthly tasks, hints and tips for the best garden or allotment

Things to do in the Garden in January – GardenFresco

January does not normally have the kind of weather that often tempts you out into the garden. Look out for the few bright sunny days and make the most of them. The soil …

January gardening ideas – 10 things to do | Ideal Home

January is the time to tidy your garden shed and clean your garden tools, pots and trays. Have your mower serviced, too! After heavy snowfall, gently brush

Jobs to do in the garden in January – Flymo

January can often be the coldest month of the year. Wildlife will be looking for food and by now, many of the berries and natural food resources have already been exhausted so wildlife will be on the lookout for food – which makes it even more important. Always make sure you have bird feeders in your garden filled with seeds and nuts.

What to do in the garden in January – Telegraph

01.01.2013 · What to do in the garden in January he left for south-east Asia to take up a new job looking after the world’s biggest orchid collection

Jobs to do in January – Dawn Garden Design

January is a great month for looking forward to the year ahead – but a bit tedious sometimes if you want to head out into the garden … once there however there are still some jobs to do if you wrap up warm on a bright crisp day….

Gardening jobs to do in and around the garden in …

Jobs to do in the garden this week. If your pond has frozen over, melt a small area of ice with hot water to release any build-up of gases that could harm your fish. Don’t be tempted to break the ice, the shockwave created can kill pond life. Choosing a real Christmas tree. After a frost try to stay off the grass.

Gardening jobs for February | Dan Pearson | Life and …

Gardening jobs for February Saturday 30 January 2010 19.05 EST. do so now to avoid disappointment;

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